Joining the Wight Company of Field Archers is relatively easy, it involves a three stage process:
  1. You must join the NFAS as at least a provisional member
  2. If you want to enter an Open Tournament  then you must have a full membership if however you just want to shoot at our club shoots you only need a provisional membership which can be upgraded later.
  3. - NFAS Application form - download the P.D.F. file from the site and forward it and your payment with the top half filled out to the address on the bottom of the form and you will receive a provisional acknowledgement letter - This will allow you to shoot with us.
  4. The next step is to contact us and find out when the next shoot is, you will then be invited to come and join us at the location so that we can ascertain your skill level/ ability to shoot.  If you have no experience of shooting it may be necessary to undertake a training programme to ensure that a safe shooting manner is developed. When it is proved that you are an able field archer then you may apply at no extra cost to your initial NFAS membership fee to become a full member of the NFAS.
  5. When you are happy you want to take up the sport and we are happy you can shoot in a safe manner, then you may join the club at 25 per year, 12 for juniors under 16 years of age or Family Membership at 60 for up to three adults or two adults and up to 3 children) - click on membership form.

If you are already a member of the NFAS then simply contact us to express your desire to join us, join the club and you are welcome to shoot with us.

The Wight Company of Field Archers are dedicated to the safe practice of the sport that is Field Archery.
We are a traditional club that promotes the use of traditional archery equipment and wooden arrows only,
if you or someone you know would like to join us then please contact us using
this link
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