Our Club Rules of Shooting

These do not differ from the NFAS
they just add to the flavour and safety of the sport

The Wight Company of Field Archers 

Rules of Shooting

Shooting position: The archer must be in bodily contact with the shooting peg, which must be between the archer and the target.

At open shoots the number of persons shooting at any one target must not exceed six.

Foliage must not be cleared by any archer to make a shot easier.

All arrows in the target area are scored, even those that bounce or ricochet.

All arrows shot on course will have field or target points. No bodkins or broad heads.

All members under the age of sixteen will be supervised by an adult shooting member. 
All children under the age of twelve must shoot with a participating parent or guardian.

Members and visitors are allowed to shoot: Longbow, Flat Bow, American Flat Bow, Hunting Tackle, Bare-Bow and Primitive. No sighted bows allowed.

No spotting.

Safety Rules When Shooting

Never shoot under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Never shoot when tired.

Never loose an arrow when you cannot see the target or where the arrow will land.

Never loose straight up into the air.

Never shoot a cracked, damaged or bent arrow. THROW IT AWAY!

Never point or shoot an arrow at anyone, never pretend to do the same in jest.

Never enter the shooting lane and/or stand in front of an archer about to shoot always being aware of miss-knocked arrows and ricochets.

When someone else is shooting never distract them and always be alert to possible dangers.

If you spot any possible danger shout hold, fast, stop or donít shoot!

Always obey any pre-determined stop shooting signals such as whistles or air horns.

Always leave your bows and a member of your group in front of the target when searching for arrows. 
Please collect any found lost arrows from other groups and bring them with you.

Because you are often in natural terrain never make assumptions about safety.  
Always maintain vigilance observing maximum safety and any guidelines laid down by the course organiser. 
Always wear appropriate footwear and clothing and watch out for holes, slippery slopes, tree stumps and other obstacles!

Always protect the sport as if anything goes wrong we all suffer.

Other General Information

It is illegal to poach or hunt with a bow in the UK.

Be aware of the laws governing the wearing and use of knives.

Donít litter, drop broken arrows or start fires.

Always respect and conserve the environment where we shoot.

Keep abreast of Field Archery issues via the NFAS newsletter.


The Wight Company of Field Archers, November 2007

The Wight Company of Field Archers are dedicated to the safe practice of the sport that is Field Archery.
We are a traditional club that promotes the use of traditional archery equipment and wooden arrows only,
if you or someone you know would like to join us then please contact us using
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