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In the times before The Wight Company of Field Archers came along there have been many occasions when the Field form of Archery has been tried.

Below are the pictures of one such time when a chap called Pip Bickerstaffe came over to the Island, held a seminar and helped enlighten many Islanders that we didn't just have to shoot at round targets of straw and paper from the same distance - all of a sudden targets varied in shape, size and texture, distances changed with almost every shot and technology gave way to instinct -


Pip and Many Members of the
Wight Company Before Conception

At 79 he still packs a Punch
Charlie Merilees

Malcolm Roberts

One of the best shots of the weekend
Graham and Hannah pick out the target
Graham (Left)

Chris Weston
Chris Weston in the Brush
Mandy about to pack a punch

Max about to let rip
Rosie takes on the Moose Rosie

How many archers does it take to change a light bulb?
It takes a ROVING eye to see the arrow - get it?

Matt Woods

Matt Shooting from the field

This event couldn't have happened without the careful planning and preparation
of several members of the West Wight Archery Club - our thanks go to you.

More Pictures form Years Past

Legs Akimbo
Two Lovely Photos showing the versatility of Brocks Copse
In the Woods
Another 1 in the Woods

Little n Large
Little and Large
Terry shoots while Kieran looks on
Terry (left) sights up and Malcolm (right) does likewise
Malcolm in the thick of it

Below are more Photos of our members
in action at other shoots

Kieran at Fleet Ibex
Kieran @ Fleet Ibex '07

Sir Mckeown I pray thee Kneel at Ibex
Matt Mckeown @ Fleet Ibex '07

Max Quaintmere shoots at Fleet Ibex
Max Quaintmere @ Fleet Ibex '07

Kieran Just about to Loose at Fleet Ibex
Kieran @ Fleet Ibex '07

There's always One
There's always one "How did that get up there"?

The Wight Company of Field Archers are dedicated to the safe practice of the sport that is Field Archery.
We are a traditional club that promotes the use of traditional archery equipment and wooden arrows only,
if you or someone you know would like to join us then please contact us using
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