About Us

What drives us

In 2007 a group of like minded individuals came together after an introduction session to Field Archery by Pip Bickerstaffe in 2006 and decided that we wanted to take it further and develop the sport on the Isle of Wight (you can view our Club Constitution here).

The Origins of Our Name

Our name was chosen as a word play from the title of a famous historical novel by Arthur Conan-Doyle - 'The White Company' - Parts of the story take part on the Isle of Wight and other areas in the South, it is set in the period surrounding The Hundred Years War and follows a band of Yeomanry adventuring in France, it is an outstanding story that is full of historically accurate details.


The Wight Company of Field Archers is made up of people from West Wight Archers and Wight Bowmen as well as many independant archers from the south coast.

The Wight Company

The Wight Company has been very successful at promoting the sport that is Field Archery, we have within six months of its conception already got over 30 members.  Many of the members come together before a shoot to set up the courses at one of the two sites we have been able to establish in very different areas of the Island, these sites are only for use when we have been given permission by the landowner and have taken much work by our members to set up and organise:

A Beautiful Woodland Hideaway A.K.A. KEW

The Wight Company have been lucky enough to secure the use of this beautiful piece of Ancient Woodland which is situated near the ancient village of Brading, in return for the use of the copse members of the club help with the management of this area.

Brocks Copse

The site for the introduction to Field Archery for many members of the West Wight Archers and Wight Bowmen, Brocks Copse with its Historical Links to Queen Victoria is a very special place to shoot, this magical area near Newport really excels in delivering a multitude of different shooting environments which is why the Wight Company shoots here on special occasions.

Wight Company are allowed to use these areas under the strict proviso that no Compound Bows, Metal or Carbon arrows are shot.

The Wight Company of Field Archers are dedicated to the safe practice of the sport that is Field Archery.
We are a traditional club that promotes the use of traditional archery equipment and wooden arrows only,
if you or someone you know would like to join us then please contact us using
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