The Isle of Wight Special
Open Tournament Weekend

On the 26th and 27th of September 2009, The Wight Company of Field Archers held a 2 day 'Special' open Tournament, set in the beautiful Isle of Wight Countryside

Day 1 Consisted of some hard fought Field Archery
After the shooting in the woods near Brading, tournament goers were given the opportunity to try their hands at SPTA (Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery) style events, including Popinjay, Speed and Barrel Shooting

Other events laid on by the Wight Company also included Knife, Axe and Tomahawk Throwing followed by a fabulous fire show presented by a local extreme performance group


Day 2
Continued with more SPTA events and an awesome Bow Hunting Course set on the grounds of Roebeck Camping where archers had the opportunity to sleep in Sioux Style, tipis were available to hire over the whole weekend

By all accounts a great weekend was had by all - which probably means we will do something similar next year :)

Below are the results


Results for Wight Co of Field Archers Open Shoot Saturday 26th September 2009

40 3 and 2d's
Results by Bow Class (Archers in alphabetical order)



Mick Bailey: 652: 2nd Gents Longbow

Terry Cramp: 656: 1st Gents Longbow

Lucie Cramp: 400: 2nd Ladies Longbow

Thomas Gordon: 430

Alan Green: 406

Norman Jackson: 514

Carolyn Neville: 456: 1st Ladies Longbow

Graham Soffe: 338

Mike Stephens: 408

Gary Thompson: 588: 3rd Gents Longbow

Georgina Thompson: 192

Eileen Yates: 362: 3rd Ladies Longbow



Sharon Charman: 626: 1st Ladies AFB

Lesley Coyle: 330

Moo Day: 456: 3rd Ladies AFB

Helen Farrington: 496: 2nd Ladies AFB

Rod Harris: 730: 1st Gents AFB

Ivor Jenkins: 564

Jade Johnson: 406: 1st Junior Girls AFB

Jason Manchester: 608: Joint 3rd Gents AFB (6 kills)

Geoff McSweeney: 608: Joint 3rd Gents AFB (8 kills)

Phil Rackett: 456

Martin Ward: 614: 2nd Gents AFB



Alayne D’Attoma: 430: 3rd Ladies HT

Andrea Beddard: 424

Brian Boobyer: 478

Nigel Bratton: 470

Christine Bratton: 450: 2nd Ladies HT



HT  (cont)

Peter Burgess: 464

David Eady: 574

Patric Elwick: 610: 2nd Gents HT

Hannah Hall: 472: 3rd Ladies HT

Barry Hardy: 452

John Hillsden: 586

Peter Humphrey: 620: 1st Gents HT

James Kay: 464

Harvey Kay: 532

Mark Krawec: 442

Michael Krawac: 526

Steph Krawec: 366

Jason Lai: 496

Michael Lee: 524

Luke McGuiness: 476: 1st Junior Boy HT

James McSweeney: 604: 3rd Gents HT

Robin Newman: 502

Dave Newman: 450

Shirley Newman: 358

Chris Purchase (The Duck of Death!): 392

Darren Salmon: 600

Terry Sandford: 596

Alex Smith: 456

Swannie Swancutt: 404

Helen Swancutt: 158 (retired)

Rich Timmis: 404

Hannah Hall: 472


Bare Bow

Karen Hawley: 390: 1st Ladies BB



Andy Neville: 344: Gents 1st P




Results for Wight Co of Field Archers Bow Hunter Shoot Sunday 27th September 2009

15 3 and 2d's

Results by Bow Class (Archers in alphabetical order)



Mick Bailey: 240: 1st Gent LB

Nick Birmingham: 52

Terry Cramp: 172: 2nd Gent LB

Lucie Cramp: 110: 2nd Lady LB

Thomas Gordon: 121

Alan Green: 108

Norman Jackson: 114

Rob Mayell: 84

Carolyn Neville: 145: 1st Lady LB

Gary Thompson: 146: 3rd Gent LB

Georgina Thompson: 36: Joint 3rd Lady LB

Eileen Yates: 36: Joint 3rd Lady LB



Ronnie Bailey: 16

Rob Bollen: 30

Sharon Charman: 186: 1st Lady AFB

Moo Day: 148: 2nd Lady AFB

Helen Farrington: 96: 3rd Lady AFB

Rod Harris: 284: 1st Gent AFB

Ivor Jenkins: 126

Jade Johnson: 108: 1st Junior Girl AFB

Cathy Kerr: 88

Jason Manchester: 188: 2nd Gent AFB

Geoff McSweeney: 186: 3rd Gent AFB

Martin Ward: 169



Alayne D’Attoma: 130: 2nd Lady HT

Andrea Beddard: 161: 1st Lady HT

Brian Boobyer: 105

Nigel Bratton: 180

Christine Bratton: 104: 3rd Lady HT


HT  (cont)

Peter Burgess: 46

Patric Elwick: 188

Barry Hardy: 178

John Hillsden: 140

Peter Humphrey: 202: 2nd Gent HT

James Kay: 190: 3rd Gent HT

Harvey Kay: 126

Mark Krawec: 76

Michael Krawac: 172

Steph Krawec: 68

Jason Lai: 134

Michael Lee: 93

Luke McGuiness: 153: 1st Junior Boy HT

James McSweeney: 173

Robin Newman: 65

Dave Newman: 136

Shirley Newman: 66

Darren Salmon: 105

Terry Sandford: 206: 1st Gent HT

Graham Soffe: 58

Alex Smith: 186

Mike Stephens: 122

Swannie Swancutt: 128

Helen Swancutt: 37

Rich Timmis: 164

Hannah Hall: 90

Bare Bow

Mavis Elwick: 98: 1st Lady BB

Karen Hawley: 80: 2nd Lady BB



Andy Neville: 58: 1st Gent P

Many thanks to all that came -

We hope to see you again next in 2010 :)

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