Hangover Shoot 28th December
A beautifully crisp sunny day saw eleven archers enjoy the shoot at Brocks Copse.  Thank you to Matt for planning the shoot and to those that gave up their time the day before to set the targets out.  The morning was normal scoring with a Bowhunter (one shot per target) round in the afternoon.  Mince pies and warm mulled wine were consumed with gusto at lunchtime.

  AM Bowhunter Total
 Martin 244 85 329
 Gary C 234 70 304
 Ryan 258 35 293
 Skelly 190 60 250
 Cheryl 204 40 244
 Cathy 190 45 235
 John 166 50 216
 Matt 154 50 204
 Gary F 144 50 194
 Phil 158 15 173
 Skye 56   0   56

Club Championships 19th October
A clement day with sunshine and light winds for us to shoot the club championships on the recreated Open Course.  As ever, many challenging and well set shots and good company.  Medals were awarded by bow class and trophies for Best Gent, Best Lady and Best Junior awarded.






 Martin HT




 Best Gent
 Cathy AFB 262 210 472 Best Lady
 John LB 246 202 448 
 Gary C HT 216 202 418 
 Anna HT 172 220 392 
 Mark LB 202 172 374 
 Phil LB 162 154 316 
 Gary F LB 158 142 300 
 Cheryl AFB 160 122 282 
 Bran (J) AFB 230 194 424 Best Junior
 Lucy (J) BB 114 148 262 

Open Weekend Wooden Arrow Shoot 27th & 28th September.
A fine weekend and excellent company made for a great shoot with a standard scoring course run on Saturday morning and Sunday morning plus a Bowhunter (single arrow at each target) round on Saturday afternoon.  There was some drama when Ian Watkins sprained his ankle and had to be taken offsite by ambulance but he still managed to win a gold medal in his class!  Several of our own club members participated in some or all of the weekend's shooting (DNS = did not shoot rather than did not score) and medals were awarded to our visitors.  Denis Alston was the worthy winner of the Brian Quaintmere Memorial Trophy for the highest bowhunter score of the weekend.  Thank you to all those involved in contributing towards making it such an enjoyable weekend and we look forward to welcoming back our overseas visitors (hopefully with a few more of their fellow archers) next year.   

Name                    Bowstyle                      Sat AM   Sun AM   Total         24's         Bowhunter
Cathy KerrAFBDNS264264DNS
Cheryl ChickAFBDNS214214DNS
Skye SydenhamAFBDNS7474DNS
Alayne D'AttomaHT316268584110
Anna SwanHT19225845055
Carol PearceLB250240490115
Hanna PitkeathlyLB144DNS144130
Karen FreemanPrimitive280222502110
Denis AlstonAFB3903407302150
Mick BaileyAFB368340708195
Geoff McSweeneyAFB256308564190
Matt WoodsAFB18817836675
John KerrAFBDNS32032070
Jonathan HallHT3683587261135
Gary SnookHT340330670180
Graham DaviesHT3363086441105
Gary ChickHT30225455665
Michael LeeHT19023442445
Martin HattonHT310DNS31095
John KewleyLB308218526
Phil StrattonLB29220449655
John ThomasLB21225446670
Mike BlandfordLB260DNS260170
George PitkeathlyLB236DNS23645
Gary FindleyLB232DNS23265
Ian WatkinsPrimitive344DNS344195
Barry SearlePrimitive15019234265
Mick PearcePrimitive146DNS146           DNS
Jasper Kewley - cubAFB204222426

Brocks Copse - 17th August
Grateful thanks to Matt for organising the shoot and as always to those who helped set out.  We welcomed two new adult members and three other interested beginners walked round to see what we're all about!  Scores below.

  AM PM Total 
 Cathy 362 402 764 
 Mike 282 350 632 
 Martin 268 332 600 
 Matt 278 290 568 
 Gary C 242 290 532 
 Ryan 264 254 518 
 Gary F 284 206 490 
 George 240 240 480 
 Anna 278 184 462 
 John 282 170 452did not complete
 Phil 224 216 440 
 Peter   350 
 Hannah 164 190 254 
 Skye 124 118 242 

Midsummer Shoot - 22nd June
A hot sultry day challenged members to stay cool while testing themselves on 36 targets including several multi shots at our new deer and crows!  We welcomed three new members including two juniors who show great promise.  Congratulations to Gary for third place, Matt for second and Martin taking first.

Bowhunter Trophy Shoot - 30th March
As previously poor weather prevented us from holding the Bowhunter Trophy Shoot earlier in the year, we chose to do it today instead of the usual BST shoot.  Thanks to John and Martin for planning a fabulously challenging course and to all those that helped set up yesterday.

Congratulations to Anna for third place, Gary C for second and well deserved first place went to Martin.

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