The Wight Company of Field Archers

Who we are

In 2007 a group of like-minded individuals came together after an introduction session to Field Archery by renowned bowyer Pip Bickerstaffe in 2006 and decided that we wanted to take it further to develop the sport on the Isle of Wight.  The Wight Company of Field Archers are dedicated to the safe practice of the sport that is Field Archery and we are governed by the rules set down by the National Field Archery Society (NFAS). New for 2024 – we now have our own club insurance so archers from other governing bodies, eg AGB, IFAA etc are welcome to shoot with us.  All shoots are run to NFAS rules and there are bow restrictions according to our traditional ethos, so visitors are asked to familiarise themselves with NFAS rules, arrow marking and bow categories before visiting (which needs to be by prior arrangement).

Origins of our name

Our name was chosen as wordplay from the title of a famous historical novel by Arthur Conan-Doyle – ‘The White Company’. Parts of the story take part on the Isle of Wight and in other areas in the South. It is set in the period surrounding The Hundred Years War and follows a band of Yeomanry adventuring in France and is an outstanding story that is full of historically accurate details.

What is Field Archery and how do I get involved?

Field archery could be more accurately described as Forest Archery.  Amongst the trees and woodland terrain, 3D foam animals are strategically placed at unmarked distances, replicating in some way, our ancestral heritage of hunting for food.  The Wight Company is a traditional club, using wooden or aluminium arrows and unsighted bows, eg longbow, American Flatbow, Hunting tackle (unsighted recurves/hybrids) and Traditional Crossbow.  We usually meet once a month starting in February through to November on a Sunday in a private woodland on the Island. We pride ourselves on being a friendly club and the aim is to have a good day out shooting in the woods with like-minded individuals.  We also join with a neighbouring target archery club for practice sessions – available several times a week outdoors in the summer plus a Saturday morning outside session and a weekday evening indoor session in the winter.  The minimum age for membership is 12 years of age (Juniors must be accompanied by their parent/guardian for all lessons/shoots).  Our club is presently an approximately equal mix of male and female archers.

You will need to be able to negotiate uneven ground and inclines to participate. Experienced target archers wanting to try something different or complete beginners are all welcome to join us for a walk round on one of our shoots to find out more about the sport.  Tuition is available for beginners; all equipment is provided and group lessons are arranged several times a year.  A beginners course is just £60 per person and assessments for existing archers wishing to join can be individually arranged.  To arrange a visit and find out more about membership, contact us via phone or email, details at the foot of the page.


Annual Open Shoot

Trophy Shoot weekend

7th and 8th September 2024

Registration from 9am, 10am start

Archers using compounds and sighted recurves (with aluminium or wooden arrows only) are invited to our annual shoot.  Sorry no carbon arrows. Traditional archers are of course still very welcome.  Archers shooting in these categories from other governing bodies, eg AGB, IFAA etc are welcome to join us but should familiarise themselves with NFAS bow styles, arrow marking and shooting rules before they book. 

The shoot will consist of two days challenging field shooting in a beautiful well contoured woodland location near Ancient Brading with views of the Downs.

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